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To make any photo smaller or bigger, just upload a photo, tell us your requirement in kb or mb, then just download it.

or drag and drop

up to 15 MB

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Your Requirements

Use change button to modify any property according to your requirement. Ignore all other properties.

Max File Size
Width Height
Choose JPG or JPEG format to enable Width X Height option.

How to use

Upload photo

First upload a image file. Upon upload our make photo smaller or bigger tool will open automatically.

Adjust & confirm preview

Then put your desired max image image requirements in kb or mb. Check the preview and if needed fix photo using rotate, mirror, crop & fix ratio. Whenever you are satisfied click download button.


After clicking download button, our server will start processing the image according to your requirements. After process, download will start automatically.

Make photo smaller or bigger tool

What is this tool?

This is free web tool whose sole purpose is making any JPG, JPEG, PNG or GIF images smaller or bigger in kb or mb.

Why use this tool?

Normally modern smart phone and cameras has high resolution. So they produces bigger photos (more than 1 megabyte). This tool can make those photos smaller within seconds.

Also No need to install any software or app. This is a free web tool. So, you can use it any PC, android, iphone or tablets.

What you can do using this tool?

  • Make photo smaller or bigger in kb or mb.
  • If needed, You can resize image.
  • Check preview and if needed, you can also fix using rotate & crop.

How this tool makes photo smaller or bigger?

This tool can make photo smaller or bigger in 2 different ways.

  1. Fixed Resolution: If you have resolution requirements then we will use this strategy while making photo smaller or bigger. Only JPG and JPEG formats are supported for this strategy.
  2. Auto: Otherwise we will use auto strategy to make photos smaller or bigger. In this strategy system will decide appropriate resolution for you.


Intelligent image compression!

This tool can make photo smaller or bigger to your desired size in 2 ways. Either by changing quality or by changing dimension. The way is decided based on user input.

Real-time image preview

Watch the real-time preview of all the changes (rotate, crop, fix ratio) you have made to your image before downloading

Multiple image formats supported

We currently support these image formats for compression: JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF. We plan to add more formats in future.

We keep your images safe!

We don't collect any data from you & will automatically delete your photo after 30 minutes of upload

All platform supported!

This tool runs on any web browser. So, you can use it PC, android, iphone or tablets.

Configuration sharing

From download page you can share your configuration. If you or your friend use that link then your compress image requirements is also shared.

Frequently asked questions